LFCN Youth exists to join God in the remaking of youth in Tippecanoe County. We journey with youth grades 6-12 in the way of following Jesus. 



We have a strong belief that all good things happen in community. We seek to foster a community that youth are able to freely take part in without any setbacks. We also believe that true community can only happen in places where honesty, openness, and real-ness take place. We seek to be the type of community that God has laid before us in Scripture, inclusive and loving towards all.


The most important relationship we form in our lives is the one with our Savior Jesus Christ. However, we believe at LFCN Youth that our relationship with Jesus informs our relationships with others. Therefore, we strive to be a relationally driven community focussed on being with each other and with Jesus.


While we want to take the work of Christ seriously in our lives, we believe that we are able to have fun while doing so. LFCN Youth seeks to create an environment that is fun and inviting that youth want to participate in, and not just because it is a church event. We are constantly striving to enjoy our space and time, 


Ultimately our goal at LFCN Youth is to see lives changed by the power of the Holy Spirit. We believe that with an atmosphere of community, relationship, and fun that the Spirit of the Lord is able to work to remake our lives. We prayerfully and reverently work towards this end in all that we do. 


Everything we do hinges on the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We have the privilege in LFCN Youth to share that message to teenagers in a way that connects with them. Our goal is to create a space for youth to engage in the Gospel, as well as continue and mold that faith into their own. 

weekly rhythms

Sunday Night Youth Group

Sunday School

The Midweek (Wednesday)

Friday Free-for-all (Monthly)

missions & outreach

Throughout the year, the Northwest Indiana District and Nazarene Youth International bring youth together from across the country for exciting opportunities to deepen your student's relationship with Christ through community worship and service. These opportunities are open to every student that would like to join us, and are announced on Wednesday nights, or through The LFCN Loop weekly email devoted to student ministries. 

Youth Calendar

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