LFCN Youth exists to join God in the remaking of youth in Tippecanoe County. We journey with youth grades 6-12 in the way of following Jesus. 



Every young person is a part of some sort of community. The adolescent years are often the time where many youth explore what sort of niche or subculture to which they belong. We strive to create a distinct Christian culture for youth grounded in gratitude, fidelity, truth telling, and hospitality. In every way possible, we want our gatherings to be a safe place for youth. Check out our calendar for student community opportunities. 


Young people need adults who are committed to them. We commit to pray, love and support our youth. The discipleship journey also requires that youth have peers committed to them as well. We long to foster an environment of commitment to each other. 


Everything we do hinges on the Gospel of Jesus Christ. LFCN Youth has the great joy and privilege to introduce youth to Jesus, or to continually retell the ancient story they might have heard before. We do this through story, song, prayer, and sacrament. 


The Gospel always issues a challenge. The way of discipleship includes deciding what to do about the good news we've heard. We strive to help our youth respond to good news by changing the patterns and habits of their lives.

weekly rhythms

Sunday Night Youth Group

Sunday School

The Midweek (Wednesday)

Friday Free-for-all (Monthly)

missions & outreach

Throughout the year, the Northwest Indiana District and Nazarene Youth International bring youth together from across the country for exciting opportunities to deepen your student's relationship with Christ through community worship and service. These opportunities are open to every student that would like to join us, and are announced on Wednesday nights, or through The LFCN Loop weekly email devoted to student ministries. 

student ministries calendar