At LFCN, we utilize the Orange curriculum in our Children's Ministry. The Orange curriculum offers meaningful experiences for your kids at every phase of life. We provide resources to help engage you as parents with what your children learn on Sunday, so that the discussion can continue throughout the week.

christmas eve children’s choir

Don’t forget - all children 4 years old and older are invited to join this year’s Christmas Eve service as a part of our children’s choir! You can practice using the song below.

What We Value


two influences

Every child that enters our doors is a part of a community. The Orange program believes this as well: your child's life is greatly influenced between church and home. We work diligently to ensure your child feels warmly welcomed and engages in a vibrant and nurturing culture of caring class leaders so that their class and our church feels like home.


better future

Children are changing every day: growing, learning, and absorbing all of the information their brains possibly can. Each step forward they take plays a direct influence on their future. By partnering with you, we at LFCN believe that we want to play a strong role in helping shape your child's future.  


greater impact

As your child moves through our age-specific programming, we hope to inspire them to believe and understand the great impact they can have on their environments and others' futures. We want them to engage with activities, conversations, and inspirational stories that allow them to embrace who they are as a unique individual in this community, in their schools, and in this world.


Infants through kindergarten

From a simple song to purposeful play, the young child program focuses on three core truths: God Loves Me, God Made Me, and Jesus Wants To Be My Friend Forever. Our goal is to ensure that as your child begins the formative years of their development that they will come to understand how precious they are in the eyes of their loving Savior. 

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first through fifth grade

Similarly to their younger counterparts, our four year olds through fifth graders engage in a curriculum that is also based on three core truths: I need to make the wise choice, I can trust God no matter what, and I should treat others the way I want to be treated. These core truths are a part of every lesson throughout the year that 252 Kids offers to your children here at LFCN. Our goal is to partner with you as their parent to ensure your child grows in wisdom, faith, and friendship. 

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