All Together Now: Rugged Interdependence

What do you think of when someone says the word community? We typically think of things that we do, rather than things that just are. Community is something that is happening all around us, and has been our entire lives. There is community going on all the time.

Community is not a new idea, it’s as old as time. When we look at the creation story – we see community over and over again.

We see it in the Trinity. We see all three persons of the Trinity in the first 2 verses of the bible. We see that in God’s character there is community. He literally is community. All three persons have a specific role. All three communicate with one another differently. Three distinct persons that are one in perfect community

We see it in what He is creating . Water and earth, plants and seeds, animals of all kinds living in an organized and complex community that harmonizes. The earth and ocean have defined boundaries. The plants and seeds live in the ground and function together. The sky yields water and sustains life and harmony.

We see it in the first relationship . All these things are good, tons of good – but one bad. The first “not good” in the bible – man is alone. God tells us from the very outset that fully intends on us being in community.

So we were created by a communal God, and because this is true we are by our very nature communal beings. So it begs the question then – why is there a lack of community anywhere…..ever? If it’s true that community is something that just is, and not something that we actually do – how could there be a lack of it?