To be a follower of Jesus is to be an apprentice. Every apprentice of Jesus shares 3 goals - to belong to Jesus, become like Jesus and do what Jesus did. Our new series of shirts is inspired by our church’s common desire to live as apprentices of Jesus.

Please Note: all the proceeds for the sales of these shirts will support our Justice fund. We use our justice fund to support our ongoing partnerships with service and care organizations in our city such as the Wyandotte Backpack Program. We also use a portion of this fund to respond to more urgent and temporary needs that arise in our community. This fund is entirely outward focused towards serving our community.

LFCN Bracket Challenge

Enter the LFCN Bracket Challenge by donating $20 to LFCN Youth! The extra $1.00 is dedicated to covering the transaction fee associated with this order.

Ready to work toward ultimate bragging rights?

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