What we believe

God is not poor and He doesn’t need your money, but He does want your heart and affections. In our society, priorities are often measured by how we channel our finances. If God’s Kingdom is important in your life it should be reflected in your finances.


online giving

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our answers to your giving questions

What does the bible say about giving?

The concept of giving in the New Testament is that pretty much everything belongs to God. There are even stories of early believers completely liquidating their assets to provide for others and giving sacrificially to counteract the persecution that many faced. (Acts 4:32-37 and 2 Corinthians 8:1-5) Scriptural giving is more holistic than simply writing a check for a certain percentage; it encompasses our strengths, talents and time, not just finances.


who should not give online?

If you’re carrying credit card debt don’t add to it. If you are struggling to manage your finances, we can connect you to someone who can help you gain a Scriptural perspective on your finances.


how can i keep track of my giving?

PayPal will generate an email with the details of your giving each time you use it. LFCN keeps records as well and we will send year-end statements directly to your home address.


can i use my debit card or credit card?

Yes.  We accept Visa, Master Card, American Express, and Discover.


will i pay a fee?

No, but there is a small fee charged to LFCN for online credit card transactions. If you would like to help us cut down on fees, we recommend signing up for eCheck service through your bank. For every credit card transaction, LFCN pays a 2.2% processing fee of the total gift.


who do i talk to if i have further questions?

Like we mentioned above, we’re more concerned about you finding a place in God’s Kingdom than your money.  If you have more questions, then email or call us, we will be happy to sit down with you and do our best to answer them.