Christmas offering

Christmas is about the creative generosity of our God who loved us so much that He came to us. He didn’t come as the overwhelming King as we would have expected. He surprised us. He came as a baby.

Jesus is God’s gift to us and for us. To follow Jesus is to believe that generous giving is the best way to live.

This season, in an effort to help us “spend less and give more” our church will be receiving a Christmas Offering. Our LFCN Christmas Offering is giving above normal to support causes and initiatives around the world.  

where will this money go?

This year’s Christmas Offering is built around the mission of LFCN to “join God in the remaking of all things.”

We’re borrowing the shape of this offering from the way God entered the world. God came to us as a baby. A vulnerable, fragile baby dependent upon the care of others. That is our King.

Christmas is about God becoming vulnerable. To follow Jesus is to believe that God has invaded the most fragile places and people of this world and that to care for them is holy work.    

This year we’ve selected one global initiative that is participating in this holy work. 

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Children Caught in Conflict

Through this year’s Nazarene Compassionate Ministries Christmas Project, you can provide for the basic needs of nearly 30 million children who have been uprooted due to violence and conflict. By providing children with necessities such as food, safe water, winter blankets, and education, you will ensure they have hope for a better tomorrow. By providing care and compassion in the name of Christ, you will remind them they are not forgotten.

Together, we are the church. Together, we can make a difference in the lives of vulnerable children.

how to give

During a Service
Cash or check can be given during any of our Sunday services. Please make checks out to First Church of the Nazarene and write Christmas Offering in the memo line. If you’d like to receive a tax deduction for cash gifts, the gift should be placed in an offering envelope with your name and address on it. Offering envelopes will be available during Advent.

You can give easily and securely one time or by recurring giving online. Please be sure to specify “Christmas Offering” in the memo box.